Uranium 2


  • INCREASING ENERGY DEMAND: The industry is driven by energy and electricity consumption, which continues to increase. Since 1980, global electricity consumption has tripled, and is forecast to increase by 70% over the next two decades. The largest growth is coming from countries with rapidly expanding economies, like China and India.
  • CLEAN ENERGY: Nuclear power is a clean, reliable, affordable baseload energy source, and an important part of the energy mix.
  • NEW REACTOR CONSTRUCTION: Reactors are being built all over the world — in China, India, Russia and the US, to name a few. Approximately 70 of those are under construction right now. In 2023, it is expected there will be 526 reactors operating, up from 436 today. That’s a level of growth that hasn’t been seen in this industry for many years.
  • JAPAN RESTARTS ITS FIRST REACTORS: Restarts in Japan will reduce the threat that Japan’s utilities will dump their uranium inventories into the market (>100 Mlbs), which should serve to de-risk the space for investors and spur utilities outside Japan to resume contracting, supporting prices
  • According to conservative models, one-third of the Japanese fleet will be online by 2018, but most pundits are looking for two thirds