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The Fund places great emphasis on the stringent fundamental analysis of the equity rating system implemented by the Fund but also on technical analysis in order to optimize the timing of buying and selling.

The Fund’s focus is on companies with consistent high earnings growth selected from approximately 6,350 U.S. listed companies of the the top 10% of the U.S. $18 trillion market. Out of these 10%, the final selection is narrowed down to about sixty companies that meet the stringent criteria to assess a stock’s balance sheet strength and profitability, as well as its market fundamentals and earnings growth potential.

An essential consequence is the broad diversification into companies with strong business models, which generate robust asset and earnings growth. It also includes assessing stock behaviour, both statistically and in terms of technical analysis.

Primarily, the Fund is expected to be composed of 30% small-cap stocks between USD 0.5 billion and USD 2 billion, 50% mid-cap stocks between USD 2 billion and USD 15 billion and 20% large-cap stocks of USD 15 billion upwards, all of which are listed on reputable U. S. exchanges.

An integral part of the Fund’s risk assessment program is the daily monitoring of stock and market volatility to ensure that risk is properly identified and managed so that in the event of a key reversal, risk aversion measures come into effect in accordance with the Fund’s risk management system.

While the Fund will limit its investments to US listed companies, these however can operate in any business sector without any geographical limitations. The Fund may also target foreign companies that are listed in the US.

The Fund will also keep up to 10% of its assets in bank accounts and/or money market instruments for liquidity purposes under normal market conditions but could increase its liquidity under adverse market conditions.

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