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Timeless Funds

Despite ongoing volatility in the commodity markets, we remain firm believers that the resource and commodity areas will show longer term more resilience than paper-backed asset classes. The case for so-called hard assets in an investor's portfolio is solid. 

Hard assets such as gold, silver, energy, etc. provide a number of advantages over other asset classes: 

Market Hedge—in times of distress, hard assets may be more desirable as they represent „real value“ verses paper. 

Inflation Hedge—as governments inflate their currencies to meet their ongoing demands, assets like gold and silver tend to be a counter-balance to this and provide a currency of last resort, and thus retain purchasing power. 

Supply / Demand—as the world grows and demands more raw materials, this often means imbalances in many hard asset areas, e.g. agriculture, base metals and energy thus prices respond upwards. 

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